Effective Home Remedies Acne Treatment For Back

Acne itself is a problem for many as it is both painful and irritating. Everyone is mostly familiar with the acne on the face but acne can develop on other parts of the body like chest, shoulders, legs, arms etc, as well. This problem caused by acne increases manifolds if you suffer from back acne. The acne on the back intrudes and disrupts the daily activities like sleeping, as it becomes a painful job to lie on your back. Back acne is as common as the acne on your face but is much worse. The cause of back acne is the same nonetheless. Like the acne on any part of your skin, back acne is also a cause of bacterial action accompanied by over production of a substance called sebum in the skin pores.

Back acne is even more of a dreadful condition as it does not allow you to have a proper look at the acne on your back making it difficult to analyze how severe the condition is.

Cleansers and medicated treatments are the first things that come to our mind when it comes to the acne treatment for back. However, acne treatment can be done using natural remedies as well. The list of such natural treatments is in the following:

Oil from Tea Tree: The essential oil from tea tree is being used in aromatherapy treatment for a long time now. According to studies, this oil helps killing bacteria that dwells on the skin to cause acne. Certain body washes contain the oil extracted from tea tree as their main ingredient that help the users get rid of back acne.Natural Exfoliates: Exfoliating the skin regularly can help keep the skin pores clean by preventing them from getting clogged by the dead skin cells. A homemade scrub can be created by mixing equal parts of raw honey and brown sugar. However, it must be kept in mind that it is a precautionary measure and is not supposed to be used for reducing active acne as it might lead to further inflammation.

Food with Low Glycemic: Food rich in glycemic might be a major cause for your acne. Thus, to avoid such a condition or to get rid of your already existing acne, it is advisable to opt for food containing less amount of glycemic like whole grains, beans, nuts, fruits and vegetables. This will help in boosting the overall health as well.

Botanical Emollients: Creams and oils used for your skin’s hydration might make your acne worse. Therefore it is better to shift to the use of oil-free products derived from the plants so to hydrate your skin. Aloe vera is one such product which can be used as a gel to hydrate your skin. Certain oils like neem oil, argan oil, tamanu oil, sea-buckthorn oil etc, can also be used for this purpose as they do not pose the risk for the skin pores getting clogged. Stress Management: Stress is another factor to be considered that might increase the chance of getting acne if your skin is already prone to it. Therefore, to keep your acne in check, it is important to control the stress level. This can be done with the practice of stress control techniques like meditation and yoga.Food Rich in Zinc: Researches suggest that Zinc is an essential element in the treatment of acne as it tames the skin’s inflammation and checks the oil production by your skin. Thus, the overall increase in zinc intake by the consumption of food rich in zinc like oysters, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and wheat grains, are helpful for those with acne prone skin.

Bark of the White Willow: Salicylic acid is a popular element for the cleansers used for the acne treatment. Applying the same directly on the skin for mild acne therefore proves useful in unclogging the skin pores and in preventing the unusual shedding of the dead skin cells. The acid used in cleansers are artificially synthesized but the natural form of this chemical is also found in the barks of the white willows. It has not yet been confirmed that the naturally extracted product from the willow bark is effectively better than the one synthesized for cleansers. However, since it is in the natural form in the white willow’s bark, it can be used without worrying about any side effect.

Anti Inflammatory Food: Acne and inflammation are to some extent interlinked. Therefore, it is wise to avoid food that might be the cause of inflammation. Instead, the diet should focus on food that has the opposite effect on your skin. Some examples of such anti inflammatory food are whole grains, certain nuts, beans and berries.Reduction of Dairy Intake: Dairy products are one of the first things that must be avoided if your skin is prone to acne. According to researches over the years, it has been established that the products derived from milk are rich in growth hormones and androgens which has a high chance of stimulating the development of acne.

Apple-Cider Vinegar: Vinegar made from the apple juice is one of the most effective treatments for your back acne. A dilute solution of apple-cider vinegar with water, if applied on your back skin, can effectively inhibit bacterial growth alongside inflammation. This concoction is also beneficial for the overall treatment of your skin is it helps in maintaining the pH balance of your skin.

The aforementioned treatments for acne are not just restricted to the removal of back acne. The same can even be used for acne at any part of the skin as the effects of these treatments on acne in general remain the same. However, before going straight ahead to follow any of the treatments mentioned, it is better to take a note of advice from the doctor.

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